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WACO Industrial Fans
Warner Air, LLC





Our engineering staff is ready to help with your cooling and ventilation applications.  Contact us and we will help you find the right fan for the job.  With some simple information, we can rapidly identify a replacement fan that can usually ship in a couple of days, if not the same day in some circumstances.



Our blades are constructed using primary grade A356 Aluminum from permanent mold castings sourced in North America.  Each casting has its own unique characteristics that are tracked and evaluated throughout the manufacturing process.  We use precision machining techniques to create blade sets that are pre-balanced for ultimate use in the most demanding of applications and environments.


RP Style hub assemblies are manufactured with high strength steel components starting with the center boss, which is designed to work with high-torque capability bushings to adapt to nearly any size driveshaft.
Our AL Style hubs are also precision-machined components using high grade aluminum castings.  These fan units can withstand the harshest environments on the planet with maximum corrosion resistance and durability that is unmatched in the industry.

Fan Assemblies
Blade Sets meet Hub Assemblies in the final step before crating and shipment.  With the blade sets pre-arranged around the hub, a near-balanced fan is generated requiring only small mass adjustments to eliminate excess vibration during operation.


Fully assembled units up to 92” in diameter can be shipped via common LTL freight service or full truck load for high volume orders.  For fans that are larger than 92” or units that will require field replacement, we ship these disassembled along with detailed instructions and support to confidently replicate our manufacturing unit as it was prior to packaging. 


Our parts are all manufactured in-house, using only North American materials.  Fan units are serialized, and our quality process tracks all the components’ lot information to ensure the highest levels of safety for our rotational machinery.  Innovations in our machining techniques and inspection capabilities continue to drive our product quality that is unmatched in our industry.  

Whether it is a small 30” fan or a 120” behemoth, our quality process and inspection techniques are the same, giving our customers the assurance that our fans will perform for decades to come.

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